Eugene Cracks It

Saul Eslake (chief economist for ANZ and key member of the steering committee charged with furthering the Tasmanian AFL license bid) is a very smart man. But he recently made the mistake of dropping names when suggesting that Tasmania’s most likely chance of entering the AFL in its own right was if two Melbourne-based clubs merged. Even though the story didn’t go far beyond the reaches of Hobart’s Mercury, mentioning North Melbourne as a club vulnerable to a possible merger didn’t escape North’s CEO. Eugene Arocca responded in-kind, withdrawing all $6m from North’s ANZ bank account.

This could be viewed as harsh, petty and a waste of time. But it’s exactly the type of PR offensive that NMFC has been lacking in the past. It sends a pretty strong message to anyone who considers talking down the Roo’s off-field position. And every North supporter who read it loved it.

Arocca and James Brayshaw are near untouchable in North circles at the moment. I wonder how long it will last … ?



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