Barry ‘Brooser’ Cracker Bounces Back

I went hard on North Melbourne Football Club not so long ago for it’s lack of social networking nous. Well it seems their new media character of choice, Barry ‘Brooser’ Cracker, has improved on his shaky foray into social networking with this effort:

While I still think North have got some way to go with respect to new media, particularly with its (lack of) use of Twitter, I can only commend this effort.

Do you agree?



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8 responses to “Barry ‘Brooser’ Cracker Bounces Back

  1. Ron

    Hmm. It’s better than anything The Footy Show could come up with. Still confused by Barry’s name, though. Have the club dropped the Cracker bit?

  2. jon

    That clip is a cracker. If NMFC can pull that off every week they’d build a stead online presence from North and general footy fans alike.

    Did they Twitter it?

  3. Jon – I’m not sure I like you’re tone. The clip is a good start. North fans will enjoy it. Nothing more.

    And no, they didn’t Twitter it (and yet to Facebook it either) . Probably keeping it under wraps to prevent a lawsuit from Survivor for copyright abuse.

  4. jon

    And Reverend, are you making a play at a take-over bid for the NMFC nu-media enterprises?

    I’ll tell you who they should get on the job, Trevor Marmalade.

  5. Ron

    I’m not suggesting that anything sinister’s going on. I just don’t know what his name is.

  6. Quick update – Barry has posted the video to his Facebook profile twice, as well as referring to it in his status. Seems like he thinks he’s onto a winner.

    It was also played in full on Fox News last night?!?

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