Boris: What A Load Of Shit

Okay, so I’ve already posted my thoughts on the chicken incident here.

But now, after having seen the actual footage and thinking about it a bit more, I have to say there is absolutely nothing in it.

This was a spoof video, mocked up by a few blokes at the club to make the pre-season a bit less boring. That’s it.

The club and players have had to pay for the ‘indiscretion’ – but really, all they should be ashamed of is letting it get out.



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10 responses to “Boris: What A Load Of Shit

  1. I completely agree. The video is merely one stupid video amongst millions uploaded to the Internet every day. The only distinction here is who made it.

    Furthermore, anyone equating the film with violence against women or misogyny need a good slap (I kid!). Sometimes a rubber chicken violating a frozen chicken is just that. To equate frozen poultry with women is a massive stretch, and smacks of people just seeking to attach unrelated events to their own particular cause.

    I would like to see the decriers flap their wings over more worthy causes, rather than ruffling feathers for no good reason. Sorry. 🙂

  2. Sam The Dog

    Pretty childish stuff. Certainly says something about the calibre of the people involved. The Gold Coast dodged a bullet when this primary school-level club decided to stay down south.

  3. Alpal

    Biggest storm in a tea cup ever.
    Given a few days to think about it all, most people are feeling duped into thinking they should be outraged.
    Sam Lane, Peter Hanlon, Phil Cleary and who ever else escalated the mass hysteria, should apologize for insisting the world get on a high horse with them.

    Yes, it is a load of shit and I will be extra loud on Sunday!

  4. Roberto

    In other news:

    o Quentin Tarantino is not a serial killer
    o Francis Ford Coppola is not in the Italian Mafia
    o George Lucas does not live on Endor
    o A snuff film about a frozen chook and a rubber chook is not an insight into a footy player’s attitude towards women

    Everyone is so scared of the feminist sook brigade, lest they are labelled a sexist, that everyone’s too scared to stand up for the Roos. What happened to the Aussie Larrikin? Can’t the boys have a bit of fun? The movie’s shit, I’ll admit, but no-one’s ever accused Kevin Costner of being sexist and he’s made a heap of shit movies. And I honestly doubt the boys who made the movie would do anything remotely close to that movie in real life, except for maybe wearing a condom, for which they should receive some credit.

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  6. Ron

    Roberto, I’m with you, mostly, but I’m confused as to how the mythical ‘Aussie Larrikin’ is relevant here? Now that’s a load of crap.

    • Roberto

      Yeah point taken Ron. That sentence shouldn’t be in there. I think the point I was trying to make is that AFL footballers are held to an impossible standard by the media and the AFL, and it seems they can’t do anything without angering the hungry media. The boys can’t be boys (though they should probably consider a hobby away from the camera).

  7. Sam The Dog

    By labelling the legitimate concerns of women as the rantings of the “feminist sook brigade” you show what a truly insular, misogynist code of football Aussie Rules is.

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