The Chicken Aftermath

The Age continues to push its damning agenda on the Boris video, this time with Caroline Wilson taking the wheel. I have already made my views on the issue clear (here and here).

While I see Wilson’s general point, her indignation is typically over the top. And I couldn’t let her write this shit below without responding:

Incredibly, it is not even 18 months since James Brayshaw and his new board won the right to fight again for survival at Arden Street. Brayshaw might not have placed a dint in the multimillion-dollar debt nor replaced the Gold Coast fixture money nor located his group of “white knights” but together with his CEO, Eugene Arocca, much has been achieved since the late summer of 2008.

Brayshaw and Arocca have reduced NMFC’s interest bearing debt from $4.37m to $3.25m – a lot more than a dint. And the GC fixture money was replaced, to some extent, by the largest sponsorship deal in the club’s history (Mazda). Caro – this backhander is misleading and irresponsible. I have defended you in the past but this is indefensible. Lift your game.

Of more interest to me are a couple of twists to the Boris story revealed in another article (Caro Wilson with Sam Lane). First, that Adam Simpson would have retired from the game last Thursday had Mazda pulled out of the sponsorship agreement, and that Andrew Demetriou personally contacted Simmo to convince him to stay. Full-on.

Second, that it was a club staff member that posted the video online – not a player (as previously reported)! WTF!?! I am literally speechless.

Finally, in wrapping up this morning’s chicken media, I can’t ignore an article in today’s Hun by Jason Akermanis doing what he does best – telling it like it is. Like most of Aker’s commentary, I don’t agree with everything he says, but his opinion is well-considered and unquestionably honest – a rarity among the media trained players of today. And he brings the sort of perspective that The Age and much of the media have been lacking this last week – something I rarely say about The Hun. Thanks for keeping it real Aker.



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8 responses to “The Chicken Aftermath

  1. Ed

    I’m very quickly losing faith in HS and Age. Today it’s “200” Collingwood fans chanting hateful remarks towards Gary Ablett re: his old man. Tomorrow it will be some other bullshit story crafted to get the fans into a lather and sell papers. Look out Plough!

    Good blog
    Go Cats!

  2. cupcake

    I love how all this just keeps going and going and going.
    The players have stood up and taken responsibility and yet everyone continues to damn them.
    It was a video that was supposed to be funny, maybe not the wisest idea ever. Other players and clubs have gotten away with worse without anywhere near as much publicity.
    I kind of wish everyone would get off their moral high horses and stop bashing people who have appologized and taken responsibility for it all. It’s not like other people/clubs/groups haven’t made a stupid dicision/mistake.
    I’m disappointed in Caroline, I usually enjoy her take on football.
    Keep the good blog rolling.

  3. Sam The Dog

    Have to disagree with the last comment. You are nothing if not an apologist for misogyny. It’s a real shame that you can’t accept that some things aren’t done in society at large.

    I see on the news this morning that another AFL player (don’t know where from, Adelaide?) has been pretty much given a pat on the back for assaulting his girlfriend. Do you call that harmless fun as well? Boys being boys?

    • Sam, I like it how you ‘disagree with the last comment’ but provide no reasoning as to why. Instead, you abuse the commenter. Some people call this trolling.

      Seems to me like you’re just annoyed that the AFL continues to encroach on your beloved rugby dominated territory. Still pissed off that Bligh and her Carrara re-development got up are we?

  4. Ed

    I watched the press conference with Stephen Trigg (Adelaide CEO) and it was quite clear from the consternation etched on his face that he felt this to be a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

    And I agree.

    First of all, I think there is often a tendency to blur and bundle issues into one.

    Bock and Boris, two separate issues in my eyes. To completely different sets of issues .

    One is a Kangaroo court – a media driven, mob frenzy about a stupid video.

    The other is a serious criminal case of domestic abuse, one that should be, and will be dealt with by the courts.

    And as far as I’m concerned, in Australia at least, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

  5. Sam The Dog

    Hey Rev.

    Not trolling. Sorry to give that impression. I disageed with that comment because it came across as an apology for misogyny, which is what I said.

    As for Anna Bligh, I am certainly not pissed off about her… because I voted for her!

    As for the whole rugby territory stuff, I replied to your comment on that elsewhere, but needless to say, I have stuck the boot pretty heavily in rugby. It is a sport that I consider to be on a deathspiral in Australia. And good riddance to it! See for yourself.

    Since I came across as a troll, again, sorry, I should “good blog” :). Consider it done.

  6. Sam The Dog

    Interestingly, I think this article was on the same track that I was.,21985,25351181-5000117,00.html

    What do you guys think?

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