Cut The Shit, On With The Game

4 May, 2009

Dear North Melbourne Football Club,

On Friday night, I was full of optimism. I was catching up with a few friends for a Friday night blockbuster at Docklands. Sadly, I was let down.

Not by the players – they tried their hearts out. By the dickhead stadium announcer yelling in the microphone, trying to hype up the crowd before the opening bounce.

This isn’t America. I don’t need bullshit gimmicks. I need football, not some commercial radio wannabe, to get excited. I already suffer through ads being blasted at me at every opportunity, why should I put up with some guy yelling “make some noise” in the name of ‘entertainment’?

Get. Rid. Of. It.

Yours TRooly,
Reverend Shinboner

PS. If you want to entertain me before a match, how ’bout a curtain-raiser featuring the reserves … er, VFL-affiliates? Too old fashioned?


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