The PR Honeymoon Is Over

The PR dream that the Brayshaw-Arocca administration have enjoyed for nearly 18 months is well and truly over. In the last few days the list of negative commentary reads like a who’s-who of the footy media: Iron Mike Sheahan, Caroline Wilson, Footy Classified, Sportal … the list goes on. But the prize for the most damning analysis has to go to Patrick Smith, who wrote a particularly spiteful piece in today’s Oz.

Why? Well, there’s the obvious Boris the chicken incident, coupled with a dreadful on-field start to the season. But the most damaging commentary has been directed at North’s pale blue and white clash strip, ultimately questioning Brayshaw and Arocca’s leadership on the issue.

The truth is, it all shows how fickle the media world really is. One week they hold North up as an example for other struggling clubs, the next they are condemned for shunning the Gold Coast. The fact that North’s off-field situation has not changed one iota is irrelevant. And there’s nothing for it but to continue Brayshaw and Arocca’s (until recently) successful media strategy – open and honest communication.

In the meantime, North supporters should sleep easy knowing this will all blow over in another week. And take a look at what’s happening at Arden St …!

The Arden St redevelopment starts taking some shape

The Arden St redevelopment starts taking shape



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7 responses to “The PR Honeymoon Is Over

  1. To be fair, the AFL strongly came out with the position on the Clash jumpers. Now if the AFL aren’t telling the truth or have forgot letters they have sent, I think with the strong language and claiming there weren’t letters threatening the Roos with fines if they wore there normal jumper, if the Roos have the letters, they should do a Jeff Kennett and publish them on their website.

    The truth probably lies somewhere inbetween with no agreement being in place but both the AFL and Collingwood working to give the North that Pies game as a home game every year.

    I don’t think any club is beyond criticism but saying that the media is fickle goes with out saying.

    I mean look at them last year going into finals saying the Hawks were to focused on Buddy and Roughy. This year they have mixed it round and Buddy not as dominant and they are asking what is wrong with buddy even though he is still in the Top 5 for the goal kickers.

    You can’t win.

    • The details of the clash jumper issue are becoming a ridiculous case of he-said, she-said (and it’s unlikely that much, if any of it is in writing).

      The strark reality is that North would never agree to wear a clash jumper for a home game if they could afford it. They can’t, and the AFL aren’t willing to stand up to Collingwood on North’s behalf (for whatever reason).

      Irrespective of what agreement or non-agreement there is, North are in a no-win situation on the issue.

      • I agree on the jumer clash apart from suggesting that Collingwood should go into bat on that issue. I do think they don’t have the financial clout to stand up to the AFL and if that is the case, you can’t complain after the fact, you have to wear it. And I don’t think it is the fine that they are worried about.

  2. Ed

    What’s going on in the photo? If I didn’t know any better (which I don’t) I’d guess that Hyundai were marking out their turf to piss off Mazda?

    No seriously, I’m assuming that’s the development. What part?

    • The photo is linked, so you can click through and see more photos which provide a bit more context. (There’s only really one part of the re-development: Arden St HQ.)

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