Notes from the Outer (Off-Field)

One Week At A Time

What a difference a win makes. After the media decided to write off North Melbourne Footy Club, again, this week’s media has surfed the new tide down at Arden St. Everything is looking up again.

I must say that I felt very confident walking to Docklands last Saturday night. The boys had nothing to loose and everything to gain. Laidley’s team almost always win under such circumstances. Geelong at Kardina Park this week represents a similar equation. I’m not quite so confident, but I’m licking my lips at the prospect of an upset.

Docklands Stadium

It was disappointing that less than 15,000 turned up on Saturday. But any North supporter who expects significantly more is deluded. North have around 250,000 supporters all up, many of whom don’t live in Melbourne (in this context, nearly 30,000 members is a remarkable achievement). Acceptable crowds for interstate matches (25k+) are still 5-10 years of development away. Eug and the team are doing the hard yards in this regard. In the meantime I think we need to get used to the small attendances.

But I do reckon it’s time we stop whinging about the crap stadium deal. Thanks to Arocca’s relentless hammering, our point has been well and truly made, and everyone (except Docklands) is on our side. Now let’s just get on with it.

Princes Park

The obvious has finally been recognised by the AFL (and Carlton). I’d love the suburban ground to re-open its doors to the AFL, and North Melbourne.


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