Should Sam Power Be Dropped?

Sam Power caught on the hop

Sam Power caught on the hop

It’s fair to say that Sam Power is not in the best of form. While he played a good stopping game on Peter Burgoyne against Port a couple of weeks ago, his game at Geelong (‘The City of Dreams’) last week was pretty average: 4 kicks,2 tackles and3 frees against. His opponent, Joel Selwood, was in Geelong’s best with 31 possies and 5 tackles.

Interestingly enough, Sam Power was added to the second tier ‘unit’ leadership group during the pre-season (which was voted by the players). After last week’s effort, this has to be looked at. Without injuries to Campbell, Harvey, Jesse Smith and Liam Anthony he’d almost certainly be dropped.

Can you be a true leader without contributing on-field?

A couple of years ago, during that epic 2007 season, the extended leadership group was deemed to be underperforming. They pruned 9 back to 4 core players mid-season (Simpson, Harvey, Petrie and Rawlings) and ended up playing off in a Prelim.

I reckon a few questions need to be asked. What do you reckon?



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4 responses to “Should Sam Power Be Dropped?

  1. Ben

    Yes I think Sam Power is a great leader of this football club. I think it is fantastic that he is an automatic selection as he does a great, reliable job, week in – week out.

    So far this season he has done excellent shut down jobs on players such as Clinton Young, Ricky Dyson and a red hot Peter Burgoyne. You only have to look at his game on the weekend where he restriced Joel Selwood to 31 disposals and collected 10 damaging possessions himself to see how important he is to the side.

  2. Joe

    LMAO 10 damaging possessions, i think they were more damaging to us than the other team. Look we need to get rid of him, it makes no sense to be playing Power anymore, unless of course were playing for draft picks, even then however i think we should be developing those young guns in the team. Laidley needs to re-think his selections if he wants to stay at North, once the facilities are completed the admin will actually start to focus on what is happening on the field and they’ll hopefully see what a disgrace some of Laidley’s decisions have been, i.e. Making Power an automatic selection whilst a great midfielder in Harris is going to waste.

  3. Ed



  4. jon

    I thought Burgoyne, Selwood, et al were tagging Power…

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