Indigenous Round

While I am normally a skeptic of the AFL’s <insert lame AFL tribute here> rounds, but Indigenous round is a fantastic initiative (heritage round isn’t bad either, but the rest can get stuffed). I only wish that Dreamtime at the ‘G involved North (and based on North’s Indigenous contribution to the game, I think they have as much a right to it as anyone). I’ve previously mentioned my love of the Indigenous element of Aussie Rule, but in case you’re not sold here’s a video of some of North’s Indigenous highlights.

Still not sold? Take a look at ex-North () protege Daniel Motlop strut his stuff here.

Freakin’ impressive.



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2 responses to “Indigenous Round

  1. jon

    And you know it.

  2. Ed

    That. Is. Insane.

    What a freak. If he pulled that out on the footy field, he’d win himself goal of the millennium.

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