Caroline Wilson Rebut VIII

Caroline Wilson’s criticism of James Brayshaw and North Melbourne is based entirely on one invalid premise: that North Melbourne’s business model is unsustainable.

  • Fact: NMFC made a $1m plus profit last year (albeit with $1.2m of Gold Coast money)
  • Fact: Despite playing 11 home games in Melbourne and paying off the Docklands Stadium debt, NMFC are still on track to break even this year
  • Fact: One marquee game next year, or just an equitable stadium deal, would push NMFC’s profit towards $1m
  • Fact: The Arden St redevelopment shortfall can be easily fixed in the short-term (by leasing, instead of purchasing the fittings)
  • Fact: The only reason there may be a cash-flow issue come September/October is because the Arden St redevelopment is ahead of schedule (bringing forward the payment schedule)!

Add the potential the Arden St redevelopment holds for the future of the club and North Melbourne look incredibly secure, based right here in North Melbourne.

Now re-read Wilson’s article and tell me if she has a point (valid or otherwise)?



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3 responses to “Caroline Wilson Rebut VIII

  1. Matt

    She has no point. The club has an October payment to make and it has the means to pay it, they just don’t want to get a bank involved if they can help it.

    So she might not have a point but she does have an agenda, which is to undermine North Melbourne every time she gets a chance. In this case she is trying to discredit the club with the general public by using big, scary million dollar figures and bogus and inaccurate phrases like “cash-flow crisis”. She’s a shameless hack and she has no place writing for The Age.

  2. Bryce Ives

    this is all fine and dandy. But why don’t you invite Caroline Wilson to comment on your points. Put them to her.

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