Killing the Game

An AFL player has been charged with possession. The cops found one ecstasy tablet in a search on his house.


Fairfax get the 'exclusive'

Fairfax get the 'exclusive'

I am appalled at the lack of discretion the cops have shown. And I am outraged, but not surprised, at the media’s blanket coverage of the issue.

Irrespective of innocence, the young man will forever be tarnished. And our game takes another hit.



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3 responses to “Killing the Game

  1. Ron

    Good on The Age for using the same pic of Lovett-Murray they did to promote his hip hop album. What a joke.

  2. The voice of reason

    To be fair Rev, just because Fairfax claim to have an exclusive, does not make it so. This information is in the public domain as soon as it reaches the court lists. I do agree that this matter is a storm in a teacup, but the fact that you also include it in your blog does not assist with diluting the media ‘blanket coverage’. Let’s all move onto something more interesting.

    • Valid points, TVOF.

      I’m aware the info is publicly available, which is why I find the ‘exclusive’ tag particularly offensive.

      I’m also aware of the hypocrisy in blogging on the issue. It’s a dilemma I have had to deal with a number of times. I chose to on this occasion, but have chosen not to on others. But at some point someone has to take a stand, and it’s pretty difficult without concrete examples. Hopefully others with more sway than me (ie. pretty much anyone) can do the same.

      But unfortunately the problem is much more complex than that, and until people stop consuming these reports, nothing will change. (It’s an issue I touched on here.)

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