NMFC enters politics: WTF?

Not so long ago, I received an email update from my beloved North Melbourne Football Club informing me that current NMFC Board member, Trevor O’Hoy, is up for re-election to the RACV board. I thought it was a little odd, but got over it.

Roos eNews promoting O'Hoy

Roos eNews extract promoting O'Hoy

Then I received a text message from the club with the following message:

“Attn RACV Members- support NMFC director & long time supporter of the Kangaroos Trevor O’Hoy, & vote for Trevor for the RACV board Opt out …”


So, as a longtime supporter of the club, I’ve emailed NMFC requesting endorsement for my bid to become Secretary of the West Melbourne Rubber-Chicken Lovers’ Society. I am yet to receive a response.


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One response to “NMFC enters politics: WTF?

  1. secretary, west melbourne rubber-chicken lovers' society

    you’ll never take my job rev. you ain’t half the rubber-chicken lover or secretary that i am.

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