2010 Fixture

The official 2010 fixture for North Melbourne Football Club has been released (which differed from the leaked fixture):

1 PORT ADELAIDE SUN Mar 28 12:40pm Football Park

2 ST KILDA SAT Apr-03 7:10pm Docklands Stadium

3 WEST COAST EAGLES SAT Apr-10 2:10pm Docklands Stadium (home)

4 SYDNEY SWANS SAT Apr-17 2:10pm Docklands Stadium (home)

5 HAWTHORN SUN Apr-25 5:40pm York Park

6 MELBOURNE SAT May-01 2:10pm Docklands Stadium (home)


8 ADELAIDE SAT May-15 7:10pm Docklands Stadium (home)

9 WESTERN BULLDOGS SAT May-22 2:10pm Docklands Stadium (home)

10 FREMANTLE SUN May-30 2:40pm Subiaco Oval

11 BRISBANE LIONS SAT Jun-05 7:10pm Docklands Stadium (home)

12 CARLTON FRI Jun-11 7:40pm Docklands Stadium (home)

13 PORT ADELAIDE SUN Jun-20 1:10pm Docklands Stadium (home)

14 GEELONG CATS SUN Jul-04 1:10pm Skilled Stadium

15 SYDNEY SWANS SUN Jul-11 1:10pm SCG

16 RICHMOND SUN Jul-18 2:10pm MCG

17 ESSENDON SAT Jul-24 7:10pm Docklands Stadium (home)

18 WESTERN BULLDOGS SUN Aug-01 2:10pm Docklands Stadium

19 FREMANTLE SAT Aug-07 2:10pm Docklands Stadium (home)

20 ST KILDA SUN Aug-15 4:40pm Docklands Stadium (home)

21 WEST COAST EAGLES SUN Aug-22 2:40pm Subiaco Oval

22 MELBOURNE FRI Aug-27 12:00am MCG

Quick Analysis

  • Teams played twice: West Coast, St Kilda, Sydney, Western Bulldogs, Port Adelaide, Fremantle and Melbourne.
  • Big home games: Carlton, Essendon
  • Low drawing home games: West Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Port Adelaide, Fremantle
  • Friday night games: Carlton (12)
  • Interstate games: Port Adelaide (1), Hawthorn (Tasmania, 5), Fremantle (10), Sydney (15), West Coast (21)
  • Twilight games: Hawthorn (away), Fremantle (away), St Kilda (home)
  • TV: 8 games broadcast on free-to-air TV (down from 11 last year)


  • Terrible fixture in terms of maximising home match attendances and membership
    • No big home games in first 11 rounds – terrible for membership
    • No home game against Collingwood – is the AFL punishing North over the clash strip issue?
    • AND … no home game against Richmond or Hawthorn!
    • Have home games against ALL interstate teams
  • Good fixture in terms of travel – only 5 interstate trips
  • Great fixture in terms of winnability – highly unusual to play only two finalists twice
  • Two trips to Subiaco will give North’s WA supporters a bit of joy (after the AFL rejected a home game request at Subiaco)
  • All home matches are at Docklands

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