Superfooty vs Realfooty

If you’d asked me twelve months ago which news outlet has the superior AFL football coverage, I would’ve said The Age. But is it still the case?

The short answer is no. (Further details here.) But do the people agree?

So I thought I’d quickly do a comparison of the flagship AFL websites, Superfooty (News Limited) and Realfooty (Fairfax; now with a horrible re-design), through a simple statistical analysis on Google Trends. I thought I mights see a trend away from Fairfax,  but never would I have expected to see such a marked decline:

NB: actually refers to

Never has a picture illustrated Fairfax’s online ineptitude so dramatically! After holding it’s own in 2007, the Hun managed to reel them in during 2008 and has quickly emerged as the massive winner of 2009.

Of further interest, the AFL’s own award winning website,, left them both for dead … until Superfooty’s incredible surge in the last month:

Meanwhile, Bigfooty’s fanatic audience remains impressively steady during the off-season, but overall, seems to be in systemic decline:



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2 responses to “Superfooty vs Realfooty

  1. Anton

    Doesn’t surprise me. Realfooty website is getting worse and worse, this year’s layout is absolute nightmare so I have given up and started using Superfooty (which isn’t much better but at least it is navigational).

    I also guess another reason of the surge in Superfooty is the Supercoach factor as TheAge doesn’t have any fantasty footy.

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