Slide Show: Old Arden St

Take a close up and personal tour of the old Arden St headquarters of North Melbourne Football Club, due for demolition this week. Even for the most ardent fan, it was an eye-opening experience!



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7 responses to “Slide Show: Old Arden St

  1. Great pics Rev. I was there for some of the auction too, and got several of the same photos you did. What an eye opener it was seeing behind the scenes. I couldn’t believe that what was once the function room upstairs was the gym? And that dingy dodgy players lounge was so depressing, it was the old pokies we used to go to. I can’t wait to see the new facilities. They’re long overdue.
    Did you buy one of the $25 bricks?! The guy said they were going like hotcakes! (no, we didn’t buy any ourselves)

  2. jon

    Does that mean Crocker can now teach people Microsoft Excel Level 1 in the learning centre? Or is he still waiting on his Working With Children Check to be approved? Could be a long wait…

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  4. Hayley

    Excellent photos! Love them all. What a day it was!
    I mean, I knew the facilities were bad but I was blown away at JUST how bad they really were. Unbelievable that we even managed to get on the field.

    Definitely interesting to get down there – glad I didn’t miss that opportunity!

    How exciting is it all? With the new facilities. I need to constantly pinch myself!

  5. magpie

    Love the slideshow Rev. Time & inches. Classic.

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