Highlights of Old Arden St

Last Saturday, North Melbourne Football Club opened its doors of its dilapidated old facilities for the last time (and make no mistake, dilapidated is at the generous end of descriptions). Rev. Shinboner wandered down and got way more than he bargained for!

I thought I might come across the odd gem here or there, but it seemed that the football department had left an array of hidden treasures behind, just waiting to be uncovered.

Treasure #1: Jesse W Smith’s rehab schedule (click image to enlarge)

Found on the inside of locker #10: No mention of X-Box - must be a fake

Treasure #2: Witty graffiti or embarrassing reality?

"JB Office": Seems plausible enough

Note photo on desk (see below).

Treasure #3: Love of JB’s life


Found on JB's desk


Treasure #4: Player rules folder


NB: Folder is empty

Treasure #5: Draft whiteboard



Draft whiteboard


Fresh from the National Draft just two days earlier, here is an apparent top 40 ranking by NMFC recruitment staff. Unfortunately this photo was taken late in the day and the magnets had been shuffled around by earlier patrons. However, reports have it that earlier in the day it revealed the following order:

  1. Jack Trengove (actual: #2)
  2. Tom Scully (#1)
  3. Dustin Martin (#3)
  4. Ben Cunnington (#5 – NMFC)
  5. Anthony Morabito (#4)
  6. Gary Rohan (#6)
  7. Jake Melkshem (#10)
  8. John Butcher (#8)
  9. Bradley Sheppherd (#7)
  10. Daniel Talia (#13)/Daniel Menzel (#17)

And North’s other picks at:

  • #14 – Aaron Black (actual: #25)
  • #19 – Ryan Bastinac (#21)
  • #22 – Jamie MacMillan (#37)
  • #23 – Kennedy (#41)
  • #32 – Norris (#53).

Heath O’Loughlin, NMFC’s Media and Communications Manager, felt the need to clarify when he heard that this info was out there for the world to see:

Hate to bust the myth but that’s not even Bryce’s office! (Bryce Lewis = Talent ID Manager). That’s Jimmy Driscoll’s office – assistant recruiter.

I just checked it out – after a small heart attack. The list was actually thrown up there by Jimmy, Darren Crocker (assistant coach) and Shane Watson (assistant coach) on Thursday morning before the draft. They were messing about with the magnets and putting them into their own order. That’s why it’s still up there.

I know it was exciting for everyone but do you really think the recruiters would leave information like that up with the rookie draft to come? I think not.

A somewhat contrary response that still leaves me guessing. Is Heath bluffing?

Anyway, regardless of whether it’s Bryce’s actual list or just the assistants “messing about”, it still provides some fascinating insights, the most interesting of which is the Bastinac/Black poker game that NMFC seem to have played on draft night. While, according to the list, North rated Bastinac higher than Black, they gambled on selecting Bastinac at pick #21 on the hope that Black would still be available at #25. Sure enough, West Coast and Essendon played into their hands and the North recruiters got both their men. This story meshes closely with the drama on draft night, where NMFC took their full 2 minutes to select Bastinac at #21 and all of 1.8 seconds to select Aaron Black at #25!  (Gives new meaning to the phrase always bet on black!)

Treasure #6: NMFC board and staff contact list

I have declined to publish these documents for obvious reasons. However, Lady Shinboner managed to find a full contact list including email, direct phone, mobile and personal assistant details for all 2009 NMFC board and staff, complete with crosses through various individuals no longer working at the club (eg. Dean Laidley and half the footy department)! I was speechless.

Treasure #7: Crock’s credentials


Proudly pinned to the wall adjoining Crock's desk

Enough said.

For a full tour of the old Arden St “facilities”, check out the slide show here.




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  1. magpie

    I love that the player rules folder was empty.

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