2010 Membership Prediction

NMFC have just cracked 11,000 members after the Christmas break. While this doesn’t eclipse the breakout 2008 membership campaign, it does put North about 2,000 members ahead of the same time last year. Given the new outlook at Arden St (new facilities and a hot new coach), my projections tell me that this could be enough to make 2010 a new membership record for NMFC (click image to enlarge):

Much of the gains I see coming from an exciting new brand of football, as promised by Brad Scott – something North fans haven’t seen for a while. This may or may not transpire, we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m projecting a final membership figure of 34,696  (this includes around 2,000 non-ticketed members – official AFL figures only included ticketed members).

It’s worth bearing in mind that my projection from last year was only 15 off the official figure of 30,553!


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  1. Cupcake

    I really hope we do get an awesome new membership record. I think we need to keep the positivity of the good changes of the club going on, at least so all the people that doubt that we can do it are silenced.

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