2010 Season Preview: Best 22

After a fascinating pre-season for North Melbourne Football Club, Rev. Shinboner picks his best 22.

FB: McMahon     Thompson     Rawlings

HB: Firrito     Grima     Hansen

C: Wells     Ziebell     Anthony

HF: Warren     Smith     Harvey

F: Campbell     Petrie     Thomas

Foll: McIntosh     Greenwood     Swallow

Int: Goldstein     Wright     Harding     Adams

E: Lower     Urquhart     Jones

Stiff: Daniel Pratt, David Hale, Gavin Urquhart, Cruize Garlett, Ed Lower, Ben Ross, Corey Jones, Aaron Edwards, Robbie Tarrant, Ryan Bastinac and Ben Cunnington. The striking thing one discovers in doing the exercise (made easier by the AFL’s team selection tool here) is the depth of the North Melbourne list – something which has been decidedly thin in previous years. I found it impossible to fit in all the players that I think deserve senior selection.

Line ball: While Petrie remains North’s key go-to forward, and Warren’s white-hot pre-season form ensures his place on the half-forward line, there remains room for one more power forward. This will be fought out by Edwards, Smith, Jones, Hale and Tarrant, with the possibility of Aaron Black and Nathan O’Keefe slipping into the mix later in the season. A live audition for the role will take place over the first two rounds with Petrie out suspended. At this point, Josh Smith gets the nod from me.

Midfield rotations: Injuries and fitness will no doubt play a significant role in the midfield mix, with Brad Scott’s game plan demanding high intensive and hard running like never before. Given the depth of midfield options, I wouldn’t be surprised to see players rested throughout the season to ensure the team goes the distance. This should also enable Scott to blood a couple of newbies when the opportunity arises.

Let me know where I got it wrong!



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2 responses to “2010 Season Preview: Best 22

  1. jon

    There’s not enough fire in the forward line (aside from Boomer), you’ve picked a bunch of push-overs who’ll go to water against a rough backline.

    Need more class through midfield as well, too many work horses and speedsters who generally aren’t good users of the footy. Maybe the resting rotation ofsome of your same-sy players (such as Campbell/Thomas) throughout the year will leave the team space here to keep a more even balance would work.

    Overall, looks to me like a team set to lose round 1 to a far superior outfit anyway – and I mean both the team and the new jumper.

  2. Mark

    Not bad. I agree about the depth when looking at who’s in the ‘stiff’ section, which is a great thing, although it’s still quite inexperienced depth. Our midfield will be the best in the league in 4 or 5 years time.
    I’d probably move Greenwood to the back flank instead of Hansen who should start on the bench with Harding as a starting follower for run and experience.
    Really looking forward to seeing the progression of Cunnington and Bastinac working in the guts over the next two years aswell as Tarrant and Black when they get a go up forward. And they will get a red hot go if Edwards and Jones don’t pull their fingers out this season.
    Maybe have Petrie sitting at Center Half Forward? But at Full will still suit.
    Hale would need to be consistent (doubt it) and kick 30 goals (he won’t) to not be traded to the Gold Coast at the end of the year. Goldstein is already stepping up and Hale won’t be needed at all come seasons end. The ruck combo of McIntosh and Goldy will be better than the McKernan/Capuano premiership combo once they peak around they same time as our gun midfield.
    Round 1: we have a pretty good record against Port and I reckon we’ll match up against them pretty well looking at both current lists. The boys will be looking to put up a great first game effort for confidence and momentum. NMFC by 8 pts.

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