Brad Scott contract extension?

The appointment of Brad Scott to the role of senior coach at North Melbourne was lauded as visionary. And it seems to be unfolding as hoped. But would you offer him a contract extension?

In just his second season, Scott has provided all North supporters with a clear indication of where the team is headed. He’s not content to steal victories and cover over cracks within the team – something which, in retrospect, Dean Laidley could be accused of.

Scott wants North Melbourne playing footy that wins finals. Footy that plays to win on our own terms, rather than breaking down the opposition. It has certainly given me untold belief in Scott’s direction.

Contracted until the end of the 2012 season, James Brayshaw recently intimated that the club executive will consider offering him a contract extension at season’s end. Would you do the same?

I’m not 100%.

At season’s end, we’ll know more. If North make the finals and win one, I’d be keen to re-negotiate the package. Scott is be one of the lowest paid senior coaches in the AFL and that would need to be addressed.

But even in this scenario, extending his contract could be considered risky. Things can turn extremely quickly (see St Kilda) and clubs need flexibility. While I’m all for sticking fat behind a proven coach, Scott isn’t quite there yet.

This risk needs to be balanced with the risk of Scott getting lured elsewhere. But unless there was some serious mismanagement, I really can’t see Scott leaving. Yes, we need to look after him, but we don’t need to get ahead of ourselves. Essendon did exactly that with Matthew Knights and it cost them a fortune (much to my amusement).

Adelaide’s relationship with Neil Craig is an interesting one to ponder. He’s not on a fixed-term contract, he’s just considered an on-going employee. Either party can part ways without any real complications. I think it’s a model worth looking at.

If the rest of North’s season continues on same the upward trajectory as its been, irrespective of a finals berth, I’m thinking North give Scott a pay rise and leave the rest as is. Look after him, provide him with real incentive to stay and perform, but fixed-term contracts seem a bit old fashioned to me when it comes to coaches.

Let’s just treat him like most executives in the workforce – with respect and dignity.

And for Christ’s sake, hook the man up with one of North’s finest and he’ll be ours forever!



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2 responses to “Brad Scott contract extension?

  1. TVOR

    The way Brad Scott has coached and handled himself after a difficult start to the season belies his inexperience as a senior coach. However, there is no justification for an extension at this time.

    As you point out, things can change quickly in AFL, and it would be a shame to make the same mistakes that Essendon made with Knights. IF (and it’s a big if) North continue to improve and make finals this year and/or next, Scott will want to remain at North to build on his success. If North flounder, North need to have the option of looking elsewhere, though I reckon they’ll have trouble attracting any better coaches than him. Either way, poaching from other clubs is not likely as he’ll either be committed to North’s success, or in the event of a poor season, will not be attractive to other clubs.

    I agree that North need to spend more on the football department, and that includes Scott’s wages. That can be negotiated next year. In the interim, North should seriously consider spending more on the football department by recruiting top line support staff for Scott. He wears far too many hats presently, and this must surely take his mind away from his core role of match day tactician. North is restricted by its financial pressures, but I’d hope that some of the Tassie deal money is diverted to the football dept. Adam Simpson perhaps?

    • I disagree with your premise TVOR. Scott has ample support. He has three assistant coaches, three development coaches and 17 other football staff in recruitment, list management, sports science, medicos, analysis, the works (19 if you include the curator and property manager). How many bloody staff do you need?

      As much as I like Adam Simpson, I find it impossible to judge anyone’s coaching credentials when they’re an assistant. And I don’t necessarily subscribe to the philosophy of bringing back your own – sometimes it’s necessary, sometimes it’s not. Scott’s got Crock – that’s enough Shinboner for mine.

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