List assessment

North Melbourne’s season is all but over, just falling short of finals … again. Coach Brad Scott has eluded to aggressive changes to the list for season 2012. Reverend Shinboner looks at who’s on the way up and who’s on the way out.

Up for promotion

Cam Pedersen: the forklift driver from Bayswater

Cameron Pederson – The handy utility has been a more than serviceable contributor to North’s team this season. Has been signed up by the club for another 2 years.

Aaron ‘Fishy’ Mullet – Smooth moving left footer could be the dangerous half-back flanker North is looking for. Showed enough in his last couple of games to earn a permanent promotion.

Luke ‘Car Keys’ Delaney – The burly 22-year old full back showed poise and strength in his eight AFL games. May be North’s only key defender capable of going toe-to-toe with the likes of Jonathan Brown.

Majak Daw – The big African has shown patches of brilliance in the VFL, but it’s his consistency which will have caught North’s attention. Will either be re-rookied or offered a spot on the senior list.


Brady Rawlings has hung up the boots after years of underrated service

Brady Rawlings – retired.

Daniel Pratt – his best footy is behind him.

Gavin Urquhart – never quite adjusted to the pace of AFL.

Ben Ross – overtaken by Atley, Harper and Speight.

Marcus White – limited player.

Liam Anth0ny – disposal has let him down. And he’s soft.

Ed Lower – overtaken by Ziebell, Bastinac and Adams.

List needs and trade options coming soon



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12 responses to “List assessment

  1. Surprised you have left McKinley off the list as goners…

  2. Bit harsh on Lower he’s been injured and only recently got back into the VFL.

    I believe Lachie could be used as trade bait. I know he’s important to our structure but he’s not needed as a forward. Maybe a key defender but it’s either that or he’s getting used as trade bait.

    I believe McIntosh is needed. Need some to be able give Goldy a break whenever he needs one and he can play centre half forward.

  3. Harsh call on Ben Ross. He’s been out of the team with a serious groin injury. He’s only just gotten back into the VFL team (werribee I think) and has been playing some awesome footy.
    North Melbourne will agree with me that Hamish McIntosh is a required player and will not be traded or delisted due to being contracted. Why would the club want to shaft their own players?
    If anything I reckon any of the guys who haven’t been out injured are going to either find other clubs whether they are delisted or traded.
    Don’t think Lower will be delisted. If he wants to go home he could be traded but North would try and keep him.

  4. Micci

    Lower is a tough one as he’s a favourite among north fans especially the females. He’s regarded highly at the club and he sets a great example for the younger guys. Injury has hampered any chance of him playing this year but he’s got a lot to offer if he can get his body right. The club kept the faith in Ben Ross when he was injured last year and should do the same with Ed. If Ed’s brother is anything to go by, Ed’s still got a lot of potential. If Ed is delisted, the club should look into picking him up as a rookie.

  5. I think Ed will be fine. Mainly becuase as I understand it Ed’s recovery from injury (or lack thereof) has be severly hampered by some controversial and experimental choices made by the medical staff down at Arden street. I think it would be deemed as completly unfair by the club if they were to drop Ed this point.

    Have to agree with all of the rest of the assesments. I think Hamish will only be traded if he asks to be (it must be difficult knowing you are in the top five ruckmen in the AFL but you still might not get a game), or we can get an exceptional trade for him.

    I don’t think they will trade Lachy. Although his year has been far from steller I think he has been playing with injury concerns right back from when he smashed into the fence early in the year. I would expect big things from him next year.

    Do you think there is a chance Cruize might be moved on? He’s been okay (and better than a lot of people on the list above), but far from brilliant and I’m not sure if we are playing our best he is in our best 22

    • Ed may be a harsh call, but I just can’t see a spot for him. If there isn’t, he has to go, irrespective of how harsh it seems.

      Cruize is line ball – I agree. And it’s hard to see him getting much better, so it’ll be interesting to see which way they go on that one. I have him in … just.

  6. Your worst nightmare

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    • My version of a troll is someone who plays the man not the ball. Cheap shots under a lame anonymous alias belong on shit forums, not my site.

      So YWN, see how long your next toss-pot comment lasts …

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