Trade bait

Brad Scott made it quite clear in his press conferences over the past week that North Melbourne need to be ‘ruthless’ in their list assessment. Trading aggressively was mooted. Reverend Shinboner looks at who to put on the table. 

I’ve never been a big fan of trading. Building from your own is always so much more powerful.

Not only that, you risk fracturing a club’s football culture by throwing players on the table willy-nilly. It’s not the North Melbourne way.

But North need to be bold. North can’t afford to just keep pace – we need a game-changer. Landing a big fish in the off-season shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand.

To do so, we’re gonna have to give someone up. Probably someone I like, and definitely someone the football world rates. It’ll hurt.

Back in 1996, North traded out its vice-captain and premiership midfielder, Wayne Schwass. I was stunned.

But we got Shannon Grant in return. History shows it was a masterstroke.

Time for another game-changer.

Here’s who I’d look at putting up for trade:

Hamish McIntosh

Both Scott and McIntosh have stated repeatedly that H will stay on at Arden St. He is contracted. But the unavoidable truth is that Hamish has serious value on the trade table and Goldstein has emerged as North’s no.1 ruckman. With Pedersen and Petrie both capable of providing back-up, and the big Daw sitting in the wings, it’s hard to see McIntosh as anything other than an expensive insurance policy.

Lachie Hansen

A Gippsland boy shows promise and potential, but is yet to deliver consistently. Sydney are allegedly keen. With plenty of big men on North’s list capable of stepping up and taking his spot, any offer has to be looked at seriously.

Robbie Tarrant always looks a million dollars

Robbie Tarrant

Classy 22-year old key position player has plenty of upside, which equates to value on the trade table. While reluctant to let a player of his potential go, the reality is that there’s little room for him up forward and the backline requires a gorilla, not a mid-sized athlete. May be worth a look if Hansen doesn’t attract interest.

Of course, this is purely dependent on landing some quality at Arden St.

Reverend Shinboner’s trade targets coming soon.



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16 responses to “Trade bait

  1. What about Aaron Black??? Has he improved, gone up or down since recruitment? He could be worth something to Freo who are after a key position forward…

  2. Also Hamish McIntosh has got another 3 years added to his contract so I don’t think North are interested in shafting the big fella just yet.
    Agree with you on Hansen but it’s only if a certain club wants him.
    Disagree with Robbie Tarrant. He’s had a lot of bad luck with injuries when he’s played at North Melbourne. Don’t think that North really want to let him go.
    Lindsay Thomas is one I would add to the list. Sure he’s exciting but needs all the help he can get with his goal kicking. He’s great everywhere else Brad Scott puts him.
    Ben Warren I would also add to the list. Like Hansen I would wait and see if he wants to go home (back to Qld) so that we can organise a suitable trade. If not then the suggestion would be to keep him.
    Gav Urqhart is another one I would add to the list. Whether or not he’s been injured, ill or just out of favour, he deserves to be played and if North can’t play him trade him to the gold coast (he’s from there) and go after Nathan Ablett.

  3. No pain no gain and as you say, we’d have to lose someone we like because they are the ones that have value, but I’m still a football romantic and would hate to lose Tarrant or H. H because of the skill he’s shown and Tarrant because if the skill he’s yet to show.
    But Hansen? He’s the only one I find myself bagging during games and if we can land a big fish for him it’s definitely a win-win.

  4. Are these names really that big that clubs will want to trade for a game-changer?

    To get a Shannon Grant you’d be asking about a Gary Rohan or Daniel Hannenbery (keeping in the theme of stealing homesick kids at Sydney). Teams are highly unlikely to trade these sorts of players with limited stocks coming through.

    Wouldn’t you be better off trading for a high draft pick from either GC or GWS to get a future elite player? Or does Daniel Wells still burn you on the inside too much?

    • @Jon: To be honest only HH and Hansen and maybe an unknown like Black and Tarrent would be worth anything on the market, rest are common and you could pick up in the VFL/ WAFL etc

    • Trade targets to be published at 4:30pm.

      The three players listed have currency. To get a game-changer, we may have to throw in a pick or two as well – but in my opinion Hamish would have enormous value. He’s a top 10 ruckmen when fully fit.

      • Enormous value in your opinion, but what of the opinion of other club recruiters? Who needs/wants these players?

        • Richmond, Carlton, Geelong, GWS, Dogs (off the top of my head) could all make good use of McIntosh.

        • HH would be huge at GWS, Richmond or even Port! Both could and will pay a lot for him. If you go for GWS you can use him as bait for one of the 17 year olds they get to auction off.

          Hansen could be handy at Sydney but with Seaby & White unable to get a game maybe they have enough KPP.

          and Black will be handy at Freo, they need a forward as Bradley, Mayne & Anthony are NOT the answer for them. They need someone to sit alongside there with Pavlich & they have no other key forwards available – all midfielders, flakers and mid sized types.

          btw Rev Shinboner, would you be willing to do a season preview for your North for my website,

    • And right now, I’d prefer an established player (or at least someone who’s been in the system a year or two) over picks. We’ve drafted lots of talent, we just need to find one more gun.

  5. Rooboy Favs

    Pleased to look back on this thread and see that Hamish Mac was a good one to get rid of at the right time. Geelong are not very happy about the deal though!

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