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NMFC: My club

I have awoken from my off-season slumber with a jolt. A jolt of inspiration, of passion, of leadership. James Brayshaw and Brad Scott have just launched North Melbourne’s debt reduction campaign. And they’ve nailed it. Continue reading



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A tale of two clubs

Only a few years ago, new presidents took the reins of Melbourne and North Melbourne, seeking to rebuild their respective clubs. In the seasons since, the chosen path for each president has been very different. And the results are stark. Continue reading


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Friday night blues

North Melbourne finally line up for a Friday night match this week, facing off against Carlton in what shapes up as a genuine cracker. It’s our only prime-time slot and we have a right to be angry.

But anger won’t do squat. What we need is solidarity.

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A letter to the Dockland’s announcer

Shut the f**k up.

Yours sincerely,
Reverend Shinboner

PS. You should’ve stuck with Saturday Disney.


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Constitutional change

The North Melbourne Football Club board has recently announced that they are looking to change the constitution at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) in August. It follows a somewhat ugly election process at the last Annual General Meeting (AGM) early this year.

The proposed changes are good. Here’s Reverend Shinboner’s analysis:

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Brad Scott contract extension?

The appointment of Brad Scott to the role of senior coach at North Melbourne was lauded as visionary. And it seems to be unfolding as hoped. But would you offer him a contract extension?

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Why I hate Essendon

Some people hate Hawthorn and their robotic success. Most people hate Collingwood and their rabble army of boguns. I hate Essendon and all that they stand for.

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