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A tale of two clubs

Only a few years ago, new presidents took the reins of Melbourne and North Melbourne, seeking to rebuild their respective clubs. In the seasons since, the chosen path for each presidentĀ hasĀ been very different. And the results are stark. Continue reading



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In Bed With The Hun

North Melbourne Football Club’s media department has been pushing for positive coverage over the last 18 months, culminating in a massive pre-season campaign to coincide with the opening of the new facility. But there is one media outlet the Roos seem keen to leave out in the cold: The Age. Continue reading


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Journalism 101

When researching details on current issues, best to check with the horse’s mouth before publishing. This is called fact checking.

Further comment on today’s “news” can be found here.

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Footy’s (Dud) Fourth Estate

Since North Melbourne’s on-field season has pretty much gone, along with Boris the chicken and Dean Laidley, the media’s patronising and dismissive coverage of our proud club has petered out to next to nothing. If North weren’t in the hunt for Nathan Buckley as coach, biased match reviews would be the only time the media bothered to mention NMFC.

A blogging peer has done an astute analysis of footy’s mediocre broadcast media – time to put the spotlight on the online portals of the old print media.

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Caroline Wilson Rebut VIII

Caroline Wilson’s criticism of James Brayshaw and North Melbourne is based entirely on one invalid premise: that North Melbourne’s business model is unsustainable.

  • Fact: NMFC made a $1m plus profit last year (albeit with $1.2m of Gold Coast money)
  • Fact: Despite playing 11 home games in Melbourne and paying off the Docklands Stadium debt, NMFC are still on track to break even this year
  • Fact: One marquee game next year, or just an equitable stadium deal, would push NMFC’s profit towards $1m
  • Fact: The Arden St redevelopment shortfall can be easily fixed in the short-term (by leasing, instead of purchasing the fittings)
  • Fact: The only reason there may be a cash-flow issue come September/October is because the Arden St redevelopment is ahead of schedule (bringing forward the payment schedule)!

Add the potential the Arden St redevelopment holds for the future of the club and North Melbourne look incredibly secure, based right here in North Melbourne.

Now re-read Wilson’s article and tell me if she has a point (valid or otherwise)?


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Arocca’s Stadium Tiers

Apart from the 18-point loss to Brisbane, North lost some public face at Docklands yesterday. In a bid to save money, the third tier was closed off to the public. It turned into a bit of a fiasco after North had the unusual problem of too many fans turning up, with late arrivals finding themselves shunted around the ground until deep into the first quarter. The humiliating fodder proved too irresistible for Caroline Wilson, writing a disjointed article highlighting North’s supposed woes in today’s Sunday Age.

The truth is, North have been forced into a no-win situation. Continue reading


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The PR Honeymoon Is Over

The PR dream that the Brayshaw-Arocca administration have enjoyed for nearly 18 months is well and truly over. In the last few days the list of negative commentary reads like a who’s-who of the footy media: Iron Mike Sheahan, Caroline Wilson, Footy Classified, Sportal … the list goes on. But the prize for the most damning analysis has to go to Patrick Smith, who wrote a particularly spiteful piece in today’s Oz.

Why? Well, there’s the obvious Boris the chicken incident, coupled with a dreadful on-field start to the season. But the most damaging commentary has been directed at North’s pale blue and white clash strip, ultimately questioning Brayshaw and Arocca’s leadership on the issue.

The truth is, it all shows how fickle the media world really is. One week they hold North up as an example for other struggling clubs, the next they are condemned for shunning the Gold Coast. The fact that North’s off-field situation has not changed one iota is irrelevant. And there’s nothing for it but to continue Brayshaw and Arocca’s (until recently) successful media strategy – open and honest communication.

In the meantime, North supporters should sleep easy knowing this will all blow over in another week. And take a look at what’s happening at Arden St …!

The Arden St redevelopment starts taking some shape

The Arden St redevelopment starts taking shape


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