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The Pale Blue and White

North will go into tonight’s home game against Collingwood in a (lame) pale blue and white strip.

Daniel Harris modelling the clash strip at training

Daniel Harris modelling the clash strip at training

I didn’t watch The Footy Show last night (coz it’s a disgrace), but apparently James Brayshaw copped a bit of shit for it.

It’s pretty annoying that North are essentially forced (through lack of bargaining power) to fold to Collingwood’s demands. But the issue is actually at AFL HQ. It’s a North home game, why don’t they demand that Collingwood wear a suitable clash strip? Or even better, acknowledge that Australians’ vision is not confined to greyscale?

Apparently the AFL are faced with Collingwood suggesting that they will NEVER play an away game against North if they are required to wear a clash strip (an actual one, not this white-on-black vs black-on-white crap). To this I say, call their bluff. Either the AFL is for equity or it’s not.

The problem is, the AFL preside over the most inequitable mechanism in the game – the fixture. And if you think there’s no correlation between North’s willingness to wear a clash strip tonight and the favourable fixture it has received (first 11 games in Melbourne, first 4 home games against Hawks, ‘Dons, Tiges and ‘Woods) you’re deluded.

Which leaves JB in a terrible negotiating situation – either acceed to AFL/ Collingwood’s demands and erode the NMFC brand, or get a crap fixture. Publicly damning the situation will only hurt North’s bargaining power at AFL HQ, publicly accepting it offends North’s supporter base. He’s left to do all the work behind closed doors (in this, he has my complete confidence) and stave off the abuse as best he can.

I think it’s time the AFL took responsibility and gave back JB and NMFC some dignity.



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Anzac Day Part I

Saturday. Time to get some household chores done before the big game at Docklands tonight. I hear the bugle play the last post on ABC radio – better watch the first few minutes of the match at the ‘G.

Play is suitably furious. David Hill goes down with a knee injury. Game over. I’ve seen the incident of the day, back to the chores.

Radio on in background. Essendon seem to be holding their own. Only a matter of time before the ‘Woods get over the top.

Sit down in front of the TV half way through the third. Essendon are still up. What’s going on here? The high drama of the match is maintained.

Three quarter time. The boundary rider notes that the Essendon players are tiring. All commentators tip Collingwood to run over them in the last. True to form, Collingwood hit the front. Big Bad Leigh-Roy Brown lines up to make it beyond doubt. Misses – every North supporter could see that one coming.

25 minute mark and 16 points, this game is over. Time to meet up with Lady Shinboner. Better take the wireless just in case.

ABC commentary is resigned to a Pies victory. Can’t be stuffed with them right now – time to switch to the blokey, over-sensationalised yet endearing tones of Triple M. A quick goal to the Dons and the tension is palpable. Soon the commentary box is going wild. (Triple M was definately the right choice.) Another goal. The margin is down to a point.

Then Zaharakis.

Sitting on the tram, the rain poors down outside. All I can hear is the distortion of the commentators and the crowd.

Patty Ryder is given the Anzac medal – no one disputes it. Gary Lyon tells the young man that he has redefined how ruckmen should be playing at AFL level. My hands feel cold, but my heart feels warm. Tears well up in my eyes.

Fuck I love Melbourne during footy season.

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