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Real leadership

When you compare the 2011 season narrative of St Kilda, Melbourne and North Melbourne you get three very different stories. But the fortunes of each club are all intrinsically linked to one key factor: on-field leadership.

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How to lose a game of football

Speaking at a function, the founder of Champion Data, Ted Hopkins, was asked if there is a statistical trend which shows how to win a game of football. The short answer was no. However, there is a statistic which shows the easiest way to lose a game of football … Continue reading


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2010 Season Preview: Key Players

While North Melbourne’s young list is deeper than most people might think, there are still a few key players who’s form will play a major role in the team’s success. Reverend Shinboner takes a look at who North will rely on most to win matches this season. Continue reading

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A Crisis in Leadership?

Prior to the season began, North installed a new on-field leadership team. Boomer took over the captaincy with Petrie, Rawlings and Pratt the new deputies. A second tier of ‘unit leaders’ were also put in place, as voted by the players: Wells, Harding, Jones, Firrito, Hale and Power.

In looking back after 8 rounds of footy, you have to question their worth as leaders. Harvey, Wells and Pratt have all been hampered by injury, but in the games they have played their form has been patchy.  Jones has been dropped indefinitely and Power is looking down a similar barrel. Petrie and Hale are yet to inspire, and Firrito has not imposed himself in the midfield as hoped. It’s fair to say that of the leadership team, only Harding and Rawlings have delivered. Both have played with intent, courage and leadership.

Interestingly enough, Simmo relinquished captaincy and is now probably leading the club’s best and fairest.

On the weekend, Dean Laidley seemed genuinely happy with how the younger players contributed, despite the 70 point loss. He made a point of saying how ‘coachable’ they are. Veiled criticism of the leadership group? Maybe.

So did the players choose the wrong people? Is it just a matter of form? Or have injuries settled the team?

I reckon it’s a combination of the three.


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Notes from the Outer (On-Field)

Daniel Wells

The big difference on-field last week was Daniel Wells. He played off half-back most of the night, and consistently set-up attack for North with great decision making and defence splitting kicks. Exactly what had been missing most of the season to-date.

After watching him cut up Port, I can’t help but wonder if half-back is where Wells should be playing? Instead of moulding Wells in the shape of Chris Judd or Leon Davis, perhaps Andrew McLeod and the revitalised Aaron Davey are better role models? Wells has struggled under a heavy tag, but that’s a whole lot easier to shake at half-back. And he becomes the go-to man running out of defence, naturally bringing himself into the game and allowing his penetrating kicks to dictate play. I say keep him there.

Matty ‘Flash’ Campbell

The other missing ingredient from North has been polish, speed and accuracy in the forward line. Flash delivered it in spades. Lindsay Thomas looked heaps better with Flash worrying the defenders. Then he strained his hammy (the other one).

Ben Ross

Had a great first match of the season. Seems capable of filling the role that Wells occasionally played in the midfield. Line-breaking runs and accurate, penetrating kicks: scarce in North ranks up until last Saturday. It made me wonder why selection was delayed 6 rounds. Apparently he’s got a bit of attitude around the club … ?

Four Ruckman

Asked about playing four ruckman in one team (Hale, Petrie, Goldstein, McIntosh) Laidley made an interesting comparison to St Kilda with Gardiner, King, Riewoldt and Koschitzke. No-one seems to question them, why do people question North’s selection?  Fair point I reckon.

Aaron Edwards

Playing career best footy. I can’t believe supporters were calling for his head after the off-field dramas in the pre-season. He was always going to be a great team contributor.

Jack Ziebell

Deserved nominated for the Rising Star Award this week, but will miss out on the Geelong game with ‘leg soreness’. More likely he’s just getting rested up as the coach has eluded to a number of times. After a big workload in the first 7 rounds it’s probably a sensible decision.

Sam Wright

Set to debut against Geelong, I’m surprised to see him get the call-up so quickly. The Dale Thomas lookalike (in both hair and playing style) from North-East Victoria was earmarked as a development player in the pre-season. While known as a game-breaker, Laids didn’t see him doing it for a season or two at AFL level, particularly with his slight frame. A couple of good matches in the VFL and now he’s thrown to the wolves: Geelong at Geelong. I’m looking forward to seeing how he goes.

Dean Laidley

Just like the team, I wouldn’t write him off just yet. He’s still extracting great performances from on an exciting young list. Deserves at least another year.

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