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A letter to the Dockland’s announcer

Shut the f**k up.

Yours sincerely,
Reverend Shinboner

PS. You should’ve stuck with Saturday Disney.



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Caroline Wilson Rebut VIII

Caroline Wilson’s criticism of James Brayshaw and North Melbourne is based entirely on one invalid premise: that North Melbourne’s business model is unsustainable.

  • Fact: NMFC made a $1m plus profit last year (albeit with $1.2m of Gold Coast money)
  • Fact: Despite playing 11 home games in Melbourne and paying off the Docklands Stadium debt, NMFC are still on track to break even this year
  • Fact: One marquee game next year, or just an equitable stadium deal, would push NMFC’s profit towards $1m
  • Fact: The Arden St redevelopment shortfall can be easily fixed in the short-term (by leasing, instead of purchasing the fittings)
  • Fact: The only reason there may be a cash-flow issue come September/October is because the Arden St redevelopment is ahead of schedule (bringing forward the payment schedule)!

Add the potential the Arden St redevelopment holds for the future of the club and North Melbourne look incredibly secure, based right here in North Melbourne.

Now re-read Wilson’s article and tell me if she has a point (valid or otherwise)?


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Marquee Match in WA?

Last night The Footy Show broke the news that North will request a home match in Perth against West Coast in 2009. Ideally, the game will be played as a stand-alone match on the split round and would reap around $650,000 to NMFC.

On face value, this goes against the information Eugene Arocca provided Roo Beauty recently. However, Arocca has clarified the issue this morning:

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Arocca’s Stadium Tiers

Apart from the 18-point loss to Brisbane, North lost some public face at Docklands yesterday. In a bid to save money, the third tier was closed off to the public. It turned into a bit of a fiasco after North had the unusual problem of too many fans turning up, with late arrivals finding themselves shunted around the ground until deep into the first quarter. The humiliating fodder proved too irresistible for Caroline Wilson, writing a disjointed article highlighting North’s supposed woes in today’s Sunday Age.

The truth is, North have been forced into a no-win situation. Continue reading


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Notes from the Outer (Off-Field)

One Week At A Time

What a difference a win makes. After the media decided to write off North Melbourne Footy Club, again, this week’s media has surfed the new tide down at Arden St. Everything is looking up again.

I must say that I felt very confident walking to Docklands last Saturday night. The boys had nothing to loose and everything to gain. Laidley’s team almost always win under such circumstances. Geelong at Kardina Park this week represents a similar equation. I’m not quite so confident, but I’m licking my lips at the prospect of an upset.

Docklands Stadium

It was disappointing that less than 15,000 turned up on Saturday. But any North supporter who expects significantly more is deluded. North have around 250,000 supporters all up, many of whom don’t live in Melbourne (in this context, nearly 30,000 members is a remarkable achievement). Acceptable crowds for interstate matches (25k+) are still 5-10 years of development away. Eug and the team are doing the hard yards in this regard. In the meantime I think we need to get used to the small attendances.

But I do reckon it’s time we stop whinging about the crap stadium deal. Thanks to Arocca’s relentless hammering, our point has been well and truly made, and everyone (except Docklands) is on our side. Now let’s just get on with it.

Princes Park

The obvious has finally been recognised by the AFL (and Carlton). I’d love the suburban ground to re-open its doors to the AFL, and North Melbourne.

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The Man Behind the Stadium Deal

Eugene Arocca has spoken out today on the crap Docklands Stadium deal. Again. Through relentlessly hammering the issue, even the most naive AFL follower is getting the idea that the stadium deal negotiated by the AFL all those years ago is shafting the clubs that play there.

But in reflecting on the issue, it is clear to me that no one is taking responsibility for the shamozzle, and no journo is prepared to point the finger. Perhaps the occasional reference to ‘past AFL administrations’, but that’s about it.

I think it’s time someone told the truth. It’s time someone told all footy followers who shafted Victorian football: Ian Collins.

Take a quick look at this brief fact file:

  • Ian Collins held the position of AFL Football Operations Manager (ie. No. 2 man at AFL HQ) between 1993-99, a critical period in the initial negotiations on the Docklands stadium deal.
  • In 1999, he moved on to become the inaugural CEO of Stadium Operations Ltd. (the company that owns Docklands Stadium), a position he still holds.
  • In 2002, Collins headed a ‘reform’ group that successfully ousted John Elliott from the Carlton Board. Shortly after, rumours emerge that it was the Collins group which leaked confidential Carlton documents to the AFL exposing the salary cap breach (which led to the public humiliation of Elliott and the imposition of massive draft and financial penalties on Carlton FC.)
  • In 2005, the Collins led Carlton administration decides to turn its back on Princes Park in favour of Docklands. It signals the end of the suburban VFL/AFL grounds and creates the MCG/Docklands duopoly.
  • In 2009, finally realising the severity of the issue, the AFL funds a feasibility study into getting Princes Park back to AFL standards.

Ironically, it was pointed out that of all the tenant clubs at Docklands, Carlton get the worst deal. But I suppose no one can question Ian Collin’s service to Stadium Operations Ltd. can they?

1993 and 1999

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