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In Bed With The Hun

North Melbourne Football Club’s media department has been pushing for positive coverage over the last 18 months, culminating in a massive pre-season campaign to coincide with the opening of the new facility. But there is one media outlet the Roos seem keen to leave out in the cold: The Age. Continue reading



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Footy’s (Dud) Fourth Estate

Since North Melbourne’s on-field season has pretty much gone, along with Boris the chicken and Dean Laidley, the media’s patronising and dismissive coverage of our proud club has petered out to next to nothing. If North weren’t in the hunt for Nathan Buckley as coach, biased match reviews would be the only time the media bothered to mention NMFC.

A blogging peer has done an astute analysis of footy’s mediocre broadcast media – time to put the spotlight on the online portals of the old print media.

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