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Should Sam Power Be Dropped?

Sam Power caught on the hop

Sam Power caught on the hop

It’s fair to say that Sam Power is not in the best of form. While he played a good stopping game on Peter Burgoyne against Port a couple of weeks ago, his game at Geelong (‘The City of Dreams’) last week was pretty average: 4 kicks,2 tackles and3 frees against. His opponent, Joel Selwood, was in Geelong’s best with 31 possies and 5 tackles.

Interestingly enough, Sam Power was added to the second tier ‘unit’ leadership group during the pre-season (which was voted by the players). After last week’s effort, this has to be looked at. Without injuries to Campbell, Harvey, Jesse Smith and Liam Anthony he’d almost certainly be dropped.

Can you be a true leader without contributing on-field?

A couple of years ago, during that epic 2007 season, the extended leadership group was deemed to be underperforming. They pruned 9 back to 4 core players mid-season (Simpson, Harvey, Petrie and Rawlings) and ended up playing off in a Prelim.

I reckon a few questions need to be asked. What do you reckon?



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A Crisis in Leadership?

Prior to the season began, North installed a new on-field leadership team. Boomer took over the captaincy with Petrie, Rawlings and Pratt the new deputies. A second tier of ‘unit leaders’ were also put in place, as voted by the players: Wells, Harding, Jones, Firrito, Hale and Power.

In looking back after 8 rounds of footy, you have to question their worth as leaders. Harvey, Wells and Pratt have all been hampered by injury, but in the games they have played their form has been patchy.  Jones has been dropped indefinitely and Power is looking down a similar barrel. Petrie and Hale are yet to inspire, and Firrito has not imposed himself in the midfield as hoped. It’s fair to say that of the leadership team, only Harding and Rawlings have delivered. Both have played with intent, courage and leadership.

Interestingly enough, Simmo relinquished captaincy and is now probably leading the club’s best and fairest.

On the weekend, Dean Laidley seemed genuinely happy with how the younger players contributed, despite the 70 point loss. He made a point of saying how ‘coachable’ they are. Veiled criticism of the leadership group? Maybe.

So did the players choose the wrong people? Is it just a matter of form? Or have injuries settled the team?

I reckon it’s a combination of the three.


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